Our Story

Hope Harbor Home since 1988 has operated Brunswick County’s only program offering around‐the‐clock response to victims of domestic violence and their children.

Hope Harbor Home since 1988 has operated Brunswick County’s only program offering around‐the‐clock response to victims of domestic violence and their children. Our shelter is open and staffed 24 hours a day every day of every year, during which up to 17 women and children at a time are provided refuge from the imminent threat of further family violence. Thousands of women and children have passed through our doors during our 28 years, and many have been able to break the cycle of violence for themselves and their children and go on to establish new lives.

We offer an around‐the‐clock, fully staffed safe shelter and crisis hotline, support groups, victim advocacy, meals, clothing, transportation and personal needs to victims. In addition, we operate a victim advocacy office in the Brunswick County Courthouse with the goal of ensuring that domestic violence survivors understand and have access to all legal protections available to them. We employ a full‐time Community Educator who conducted more than 200 presentations in Brunswick County schools during the 2012‐13 academic year on such issues as bullying, dating violence, sexual harassment, stalking, self esteem and other topics aimed at promoting nonviolence among students and throughout the community. In addition, we conducted professional trainings to law enforcement officials and others on these issues. We employ a full‐time Hispanic Victim Advocate who is fully bilingual and bicultural and who has been on our staff for more than 10 years. Hope Harbor Home’s advocacy services, educational materials and support groups are available in both English and Spanish languages.

We operate three Hope Chest Thrift Stores which serve as major revenue sources and community outreach vehicles for Hope Harbor Home. Hope Chests are located in Leland, Oak Island and Bolivia. In addition to the income they provide, the Hope Chests are a valuable source of community outreach. Printed materials about domestic violence and related issues are available in each store and even in fitting rooms, where customers are able to discreetly and privately tear off a phone number to call for help for themselves or someone they know. Many of the agency’s clients have come to us because they first disclosed their situation to a sales associate or volunteer in one of the Hope Chests. When Hope Harbor Home clients are ready to move from shelter into independent living, we supply them with Hope Chest merchandise, free of charge, to furnish their homes. The Hope Chests also attract many volunteers to the agency and, through both donations and sales, give community residents a place to interact with our agency and support its mission.

Hope Harbor Home’s Victim Advocacy Team collaborates with public and private human service providers throughout Brunswick County and the Cape Fear area to connect domestic violence victims and their children with essential services including housing, medical care, education, employment and counseling. Sheltered and non-sheltered clients participate in a weekly Victims’ Empowerment Support Group to learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, its effect on their children, and how they can rebuild their lives after the trauma they have experienced.

In FY 2012-13, Hope Harbor Home sheltered 158 victims and children, for a total of 2,267 bed/nights, and provided 6,800 meals. Non-sheltered victims, including those visiting the Hope Harbor Home Court Advocacy office, totaled 1,038 persons who received a total of 2,392 total advocacy services. Staff provided 392 education, training and prevention sessions and volunteers donated 12,738 hours of service to our agency.

For questions or to get involved with Hope Harbor Home contact: (910) 754-5726